Pretty Allowance Tips for Ambitious Sugar Babies

Being a sugar baby can be a daunting task. Just like any regular job, there are rules, advantages, and disadvantages. How you handle yourself could be the difference between earning big money or get stuck with salt daddies (a sugar daddy without the sugar). Here are a few tips to help you make a decent sugar baby allowance.

Take care of your looks.
Keeping sugar daddies happy is a grueling art that often starts with how you look. Pay attention to his compliments and dress in outfits and colors he seems to like more. Perhaps he likes a particular shade of nail polish? Red lipstick? Do not let yourself feel comfortable enough to slide into the rut that most relationships eventually slip into. Dress to impress and never compromise on your hygiene. Remember that sugar daddies spend more when they are happy.

Embrace elegance
Cursing in public isn’t cute. Use your words wisely and in correct grammar. Pay attention to your posture and how you walk. Taking the time to study etiquette and political correctness will save you a lot of embarrassment. Just like looks, a graceful demeanor contributes significantly to your sex appeal. Trashy is a huge turn-off.

A great sense of humor
The best arrangements with sugar daddies are the ones where he enjoys your company. Has he had a rough day? It’s your job to ease his stress. Learn how to make him laugh. Tease him a little. If he learns to associate being with you with nothing but pleasure, he’ll likely have no reservations with spending more on you.

Know your place
For one, you are not his wife. You are not his girlfriend either. At times, he will have to spend a lot of time dealing with his life away from you. It could go as long as a whole month without seeing you. Do not give him the impression that you are clingy. Don’t leave 100 voicemails and do not blow his phone up with a million texts. Occasionally let him know that you are thinking about him with subtle naughty texts. The texts will show him you care and nudge him towards your direction without appearing too needy. Remember his spending is anchored to how he feels.

Be more than sugar
Do not be shallow. It’s never attractive. He’ll like you more if he knows that you have interests of your own. Maybe you have dreams you’d like to pursue in the future? He’ll respect you more and be more willing to help you achieve that financially as an “investor”.

Be brutally honest
If he wanted a normal relationship, he would have signed up on Sugar Daddy. Whether he found you on a sugar baby website or at a party, it’s important for you to state what you need. It’s even more important to understand what you want. Go out of your way to know what he needs and be nothing short of that. If you don’t, why would he spend his money on you and not some else?

Treat your relationship with your sugar daddy with the respect you’d give your job. Pay attention to details and read his body language attentively. Also, try to have another source of income. This way you can always walk away from toxic sugar daddies and focus on the good ones. Choosing to date a sugar daddy potentially be the best decision of your life.


Pretty Allowance Tips for Ambitious Sugar Babies

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